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20 THINGS ADOPTION PODCAST with Sherrie Eldridge

Sherrie Eldridge

Millions of adoptees and foster kids, from newborns to senior adults, have lost hope that their adoptee anger is controllable. Their anger originates from the abandonment they perceived when their birth mothers disappeared.  Because the birth mother is gone, adoptive and foster moms become the target of their anger, manifesting in rejection of their love…and them.  It's a deep hurt and they suffer judgement, isolation, and loneliness.

ADOPTEES AND FOSTER KIDS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY! We’ve been kicked around, abandoned, misrepresented, ignored, shunned, marginalized, orphaned, and sent away with few belongings in a black trash bag. 

Some adoptees say anger issues don’t exist, while others are overwhelmed by its powerful triggers. Why is this? Why the disparity? Why are some the lucky few? Why do some find outbursts impossible to control?

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